Trustees of Trust Funds and Cemeteries

There are three Trustees who are elected by ballot at each annual Town Meeting to staggered three-year terms.  Any vacancies are filled by the Selectmen for the remainder of the respective term(s).  Trustees elect one of their own to be the chairman.  Meetings are as required.

Stifel Financial Corporation provides professional advice to the Trustees.

As Cemetery Trustees they work in conjunction with the Sexton on the management of the Town’s cemeteries ensuring that necessary care and maintenance takes place and that records are accurately kept and timely.  In addition they are responsible for the operation of the cemeteries and the Cemetery Trust Funds for which they must comply with the wishes of the original donors, per State Law.

The Trustees maintain custody of the Town’s trust funds, make payments as authorized by the legislative body or the agents for the funds and manage the investments.


Abby Metcalf
Term Expires: 2024

Phone: 603-348-1767

Jean Underhill
Term Expires: 2025
Eileen Belyea
Term Expires: 
Rick Daly
 Term Expires:




 Next Trustee’s Meeting:  TBD