Memorial Day Observances

Eagle Memory


The Town of Piermont’s

Annual Memorial Day Observance


Sunday, May 28, 2017  

Honors at the Cemeteries

Piermont veterans and residents, including Selectmen, decorated graves at River Road, Cedar Grove, East Piermont and Clay Hollow Cemeteries. This is done each year on the Sunday prior to Memorial Day. Attending these decoration activities were Piermont Selectmen Chairman Colin Stubbings and Randy Subjeck; Chaplain Mal Kircher, Rob Elder, Piermont Fire Lieutenant Ken Jones and Firefighters Tim Cole (K6). Also Jackson Schramm; Corporal Andrew Kircher, USMC and Sergeant Bernie Marvin, USMC.

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Veteran’s Memorial Garden





Our 2016 Observances are now in the history books.

Please click here to see the pictures of the Parade and the Ceremonies at our Veterans Memorial Garden.