Vehicle Registrations

A valid registration is required to legally operate a vehicle on the roads in the State of New Hampshire and you must register any such vehicles in the town in which you reside.  Vehicle registrations expire on the last day of the owner’s birth month, except in the case of a company-owned vehicle where the expiration date is determined by the first letter of the company name.  The cost of registration varies from vehicle to vehicle and is a two-part payment with one portion going to the Town and the other to the State.  The Town’s portion is based on both the model year and list price of the vehicle. The State’s portion is based on vehicle weight.

Although Piermont forwards registration reminders to vehicle owners it is the registrant’s responsibility to renew the vehicle registration in the event of lost or misdirected mail.  There is no grace period on expired registrations.

Moose, Trailer, Motorcycle, Tractor & Agricultural plates are available from this office.  Special plates, i.e., Handicap, Commercial, Veteran, POW or Disabled, must be obtained from the State of NH, DMV in Concord, Milford or Keene after completing the initial paperwork and paying the Town portion of the fee in this office.

Moose Plates can be obtained only at the time of your regular renewal or with a new registration.  All funds raised through the purchase of Moose Conservation and Heritage License Plates are used for the promotion, protection and investment in New Hampshire’s natural, cultural and historic resources.


$ 8.00 one time fee for a new plate
$30.00 for a Conservation or $40.00 Vanity Plate in addition to registration fees

An old registration or the renewal mailer is required to renew all vehicles up to 26,000 lbs.  Please note that on a newly registered vehicle, State Inspection is required within 10 days of registering your vehicle.

The Town Clerk’s office does not handle ATV, Snowmobile or Boat Registrations.  Those must be obtained from NH Fish and Game.

New residents to the State have only 30 days in which to register their vehicle(s) and obtain a NH Driver’s License.  The documents required for registration are:
• Current driver’s license
• Current registration
• Vehicles that are 2000 or newer need an original title – not a photocopy
• The full name and address of any lienholder
• Mileage
• If 2 owners are listed on the title, both parties must be present to sign the title application
• Two documents, such as an electric bill, lease agreement or oil delivery bill containing a street address, not a P.O. Box, which show you are a Piermont resident.

You must obtain a vehicle inspection within 10 days after the registration is complete.

New residents moving from another NH Town:  You have 30 days in which to notify the Town Clerk of your change of address or name, if applicable.  Vehicle registration is due in the renewal month, which is the birth month of the person named on the registration. The documents required for registration are:
• Current driver’s license
• Current registration
•Two documents, such as an electric bill, lease agreement or oil delivery bill containing a street address, not a P.O. Box, which show you are a Piermont resident.


To renew your registration please bring your old registration or the renewal notice. A new registration will be created and new decals for your license plates will be issued.

Transferring a Registration

You can transfer your current registration to a new vehicle.  You will need to bring the old registration, not a copy, and that the name on the new registration will be that of the old registration.

Registering a Vehicle that is New to You

To register a vehicle new to you the following documents are required:
• The Blue Title Application marked “Town Clerk’s Copy” on the bottom if obtained from a New Hampshire dealer or the out of state Title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin if purchased out of state.
• If you bought the vehicle from a private seller you will need to bring the original title which has been assigned to you.
• If the vehicle is 1999 or older, you will need to provide a Bill of Sale and one of the following:
a) A copy of a New Hampshire registration from a former owner
b) A NH title or an out of state title
c) VIN Verification Form TDMV 19A (blue form available at your local police department or any NH Inspection Station)

A VIN verification Form TDMV 19A can be obtained form the Town Clerk’s Office and will be required to register a 1999 or older vehicle;  you cannot get a previous NH Registration or a NH or out of state title.  Use this form to also register a homemade trailer.  The form must be completed by a NH law enforcement officer, an authorized NH licensed auto dealer, or an authorized NH Inspection Station before the vehicle or trailer can be registered.

Motorcycle registrations use the same basic rules except they must be inspected annually by July 1st.

Change of address forms, duplicate title applications, and a certified copy of a registration can be collected from the Town Clerk’s Office.

If you move away from New Hampshire, neither the State nor the Town will provide a refund of a registration fee.

If you have lost your title and the vehicle is 2000 or newer you will need to apply for a duplicate title; the fee of $25.00 and is payable to the State of New Hampshire.

The youngest person who can be listed on a registration is 16 years of age and a parental consent form will need to be completed during any new registration or renewal until they turn 18 years old.