Conservation Commission

Established 1972

The purpose of the Piermont Conservation Commission is to foster the conservation and wise use of the Town’s natural resources for the use and enjoyment of its townspeople and to instill in its young people a love and respect for the natural world.


Helga Mueller, Chair – Term expires 2023

Karen Brown – Term expires 2023

Rachael Brown-DiGiovanni – Term expires 2025

Ernie Hartley – Term expires 2023

Mal Kircher  – Term expires 2025

Frank Rodimon – Term expires 2025

Eric Underhill – Term expires 2023

The Commission meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Old Church Building

Functions and responsibilities of the Piermont Conservation Commission:

 Natural Resources Inventory

 Town Forest and Trails

 Canoe Campsites – Please visit the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail website for more information.  The Piermont Conservation Commission directly maintains the Underhill Campsite.

 Water Quality Monitoring

Through the Volunteer Lake Assessment Program, along with members of the Lake Tarleton and Armington Lakes Associations, the Conservation Commission monitors the water quality of Lakes Tarleton, Armington, and Katherine for e-coli, phosphorus, clarity, acidity etc.  Water samples get sent to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for evaluation.

 Assist homeowners in DES Permitting Process

To comply with the provisions of the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act, there are DES forms that must be completed before any construction near public waters, dredging or filling in of wetlands, building of docks or alteration of terrain.  The Conservation Commission can help with completing these forms and help you understand any other permitting requirements.  Residents can get the forms at the Town Clerk’s Office or by clicking here to go the the DES Shoreland Water Quality Protection page.