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Assessors – Board of Selectmen

Assessing Clerk

Contact Information:

Phone: (603) 272-9181

Fax: (603) 272-9182


Office Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 9:00 A.M. to 3 P.M. 

Closed to the Public on Wednesdays 



The Town of Piermont has contracted with Avitar Associates of New England, Inc. to act as the assessing agent for the Board of Selectmen. As assessing agent, Avitar will perform data verification on all properties in the Town of Piermont as well as a valuation update. The Town of Piermont’s next valuation update is scheduled for 2021.

Important Dates:

March 1- Last day to file for abatements for the upcoming year

April 15- Last day to file applications for property tax exemptions, credit, or deferral for the upcoming tax year.

April 15- Last day for religious, educational, and charitable organizations to file annual list of all exempt property with assessing officials. Refusal to file may be grounds for denial.

April 15- Last day to file application for “Current Use” for the upcoming year.

Applications for all exemptions, tax deferrals (formerly the elderly & disabled tax lien), and tax credits must be made no later than April 15th, preceding the setting of the tax rate (RSA 72:33). The taxpayer must be qualified for the exemption, deferral, or credit as of April 1st of the tax year claimed. The financial qualifications will be judged as of the time the application is filed. The Assessing Officials are to provide a written decision. Applications for abatements must be made by March 1st following the notice of tax. The Assessing Officials are to grant or deny the abatement by July 1. The taxpayer may appeal the denial of an abatement to the Board of Tax & Land Appeals or to Superior Court, but not both, by September 1st. These dates are adjusted if the tax bills are mailed after December 31st.


Abatement Form

Online Assessing Records Now Available

The Town of Piermont’s Assessing Data is now available online. Please use the below link to access our online assessing data.

Review Assessment and Map Data Online

Tax Maps are available by clicking the links below. 

cover               U-01                U-02               R-01               R-02               R-03

R-04               R-05                 R-06                R-07               R-08               R-09

R-10                R-11                R-12                R-13                R-14                R-15

R-16               R-17               R-18               R-19               R-20