Emergency Services

In case of emergency, call 911

Please make sure your street number is clearly displayed near the road.
This will help 911 responders find your location faster.

Piermont Emergency Directory

Police Department and Emergency Management Department: (603) 272-9351
Police Chief Brandon Alling, brandon.alling@townofpiermontnh.org

Fire Department: (603) 272-9149
Fire Chief Bruce Henry
Forest Fire Warden Andy Mauchly (603) 667-6306

Piermont Public Safety: (603) 272-9351
Calls are answered by Grafton County Dispatch, available 24/7/365

Animal Control: (603) 272-9351
Animal Control Officer Wayne Godfrey, wayne.godfrey@townofpiermontnh.org

F.A.S.T Squad: Members: Captain Ellen Putnam, Dr. Alex Medlicott, Chris Yeager and Michele Thayer

Health Officer: Dr. Alex Medlicott


Cottage Hospital – about 13 miles (Map)

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center – about 28 miles (Map)

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital – about 36 miles (Map)

Other resources

Code Red: Grafton County’s Emergency Notification Service. You can enroll to be notified by phone of local emergencies, such as a missing child or local evacuation.

ReadyNH.gov and Ready.gov: New Hampshire’s and the US government’s emergency preparedness website, where you’ll find emergency preparedness resources and tools to help you learn what to do before, during, and after an emergency.