Election Information

The NH State Primary Voting will be held at the Old Church Building 

September 10, 2024 from 10:00AM to 7:00PM

Voter Online Resources

Request an absentee ballot online.

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New Voter Registration

Applicants for registration who possess proof of identity, age, citizenship, and domicile should bring that proof when they come to register at the Town Clerk's office or at a Supervisors’ session or at an election.

Qualified applicants who do not possess proof or who do not bring proof with them may still register if they sign an affidavit attesting to their qualifications for identity, age, and citizenship, and / or domicile.

You may register to vote by completing the appropriate form available in the Town Clerk’s office and may do so up until 10 days before an election.

You may also register with the Supervisors of the Checklist, who maintain the voter registration list, at any of their public sessions held on specified dates, which are posted on the Town calendar, outside the Post Office, outside the Four Corners Store and outside the Clerk’s Office, before every election. The Supervisors of the Checklist may also register voters on the day of an election at the polls.

Those wishing to register must be 18 years of age and provide proof of residency in the Town – a P.O. Box is not sufficient - a Birth Certificate or Passport and a valid NH Driver’s License. The registration form must be completed at the Town Clerk’s Office, a Supervisors of the Checklist Session or at the polling place.

Party Change

To change your party affiliation, you must fill out a new registration form and submit it to the Town Clerk or the Supervisors of the Checklist at a public session.  You may not change your party affiliation from the first day of the candidate  filing period for a state or presidential primary up to the day of the primary election.  You may not change your party at a Primary Election.

Absentee Ballot Application

Piermont voters may vote by absentee ballot for specific reasons. The reasons include being absent from the voter’s city or town, a religious observance, disability or illness, and employment commitments (including caregiving) during the entire time the polls are open. Absentee ballots may also be available when a weather emergency impacts an election.

You may obtain an absentee ballot from the Town Clerk only for yourself; you cannot obtain an Absentee ballot for anyone else.

To obtain an absentee ballot you must first submit an Application for Absentee Ballot. You may obtain an Application for Absentee Ballot from the Town Clerk. You may also obtain an Application for an absentee ballot online. If you are an unregistered voter resident of the Town, you may request an absentee ballot.  You will receive an Absentee Registration form with your Absentee ballot.

Once you have received your absentee ballot, follow the instructions to fill it out and return it. Each individual Absentee Ballot must be given personally or mailed to the Town Clerk prior to the Election Day

You can track the status of your Absentee Ballot online. (https://www.sos.nh.gov/elections/voters/absentee-ballots/absentee-ballot-status) You may find out if the Town Clerk has received your Application for Absentee Ballot; when the Absentee Ballot was sent to you; and when it was received back in the Town Clerk  office.

Supervisors of The Checklist

The Supervisors of the Checklist are elected officials who are responsible for maintaining the Town’s registered voter list and are involved in all Federal, State and Local elections. Supervisors meet in session prior to and at elections to register voters and make corrections to the Checklist. Each Supervisor is elected for a term of 6 years.

Corrections or changes to the Checklist can be made with the Supervisors when they are in session or with the Town Clerk, the Deputy or the Assistant during their regular hours. Please note that any changes are not reflected on the Checklist until they are approved and finalized at the next Supervisor session, all of which are open to the public.

The current checklist is posted outside the Town Clerk’s Office for public viewing. It may not be removed, except by the Supervisors, for any reason.

Copies of the “Public Checklist” are available from the Town Clerk’s Office at a cost of $25.00 per copy.