Tax Collector

Tax Collector

Ceil Stubbings

Phone: (603) 272-6979


Deputy Tax Collector

Polly Marvin

Phone: (603) 272-6979


The Tax Collector, Ceil Stubbings, is aided by Deputy Tax Collector Polly Marvin.

Office Hours:

Thursday: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Changes in the Tax Collector’s hours will be posted either in the bulletin board outside the office and/or on this website.  If you cannot meet with the Tax Collector during regularly scheduled hours, please call to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of taxes per RSA 72, including property, sewer, timber, excavation and current use taxes as well as any late fees, penalties and interest.

Both the Tax Collector and the Deputy are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

The Tax Year runs from April 1st through to the following March 31st.  Property tax is based upon the assessed value as of April 1st and is invoiced in two increments, usually in late May and November although the actual mailing date can vary.

Tax bills are sent to the last known address of the property owner.  The first bill is an estimate charged using the tax rate of the prior year.  The November bill utilizes the tax rate for the current year, which is not set by the Department of Revenue Administration until sometime in the Fall.  The amount of second bill is arrived at by calculating the corrected amount for the year and then deducting the previously charged amount in the first bill.

It is the responsibility of the tax payer to notify the Town of any changes to their the mailing address.  Please forward any changes to Town of Piermont, 130 Route 10, Piermont, NH 03779.

It is also the owner’s responsibility to ensure their taxes are paid twice a year.  If you have a mortgage company that pays your taxes, please ensure you forward a copy of your bill to them.

When purchasing a property, it is the owners’ responsibility to make sure the taxes are paid and that the Town is notified, in writing, of your correct mailing address.

Tax Bills are viewable online by clicking on the blue tax kiosk link below. Once you have properly identified and selected your property, you can pay the bill online by following the instructions there.

Please note that if you have used this link for another Town then you will have that Town’s information display – please remove your internet history and it should display properly.

Tax bills may be paid at the Tax Collector’s office during their regular scheduled hours, on-line through the link below or mailed to Town of Piermont, Tax Collector, 130 Route 10, Piermont, NH 03779. Payment can be in the form of cash or check although we strongly advise against sending cash in the mail.

If applicable, payments will be allocated to interest, penalties and fees first.

When paying by mail, to ensure your payment is properly credited, please include the specific details for each property.

If you mail your payment and want a receipt, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Interest at 8% per annum is charged on tax bills not paid on time. Taxes that have gone to lien are charged at 18% per annum.  Mailed payments must be postmarked no later than the due date to be considered as paid on time.

The Tax Collector does not have the authority to waive principal, interest or penalties.  Please note that if applying for a property tax abatement you cannot postpone paying your taxes.  If your abatement is approved, then a refund will be made.

Tax payers requiring information on their assessment or applying for exemptions or credits should contact the assessing clerk, in the Selectman’s Office, and not the Tax Collector.

The 2022 Tax Rate is $19.99 comprised of:

Town Rate $ 5.12
Local School Rate $ 12.66
State Education Rate $ 0.97
County Rate $ 1.24

The 2021 Tax Rate is $18.72 comprised of:

Town Rate $  5.16
Local School Rate $  10.92
State Education Rate $  1.41
County Rate $  1.23

The 2020 Tax Rate is $19.79 comprised of:

Town Rate $  6.84
Local School Rate $  9.20
State Education Rate $  2.04
County Rate $  1.71