Broadband Committee


Rick Daley


Steve Daly


Peter Labounty


Sandra Rounds


Colin Stubbings


Mike Musty


Bernie Marvin

Appointed in 2021 by the Piermont Board of Selectmen, the Piermont Broadband Committee is charged with the mission to have 100 percent of Piermont served with a high speed and reliable broadband system of fiber, wireless and cellular services that will be offered to every resident at reasonable and affordable rates.

In collaboration with the Grafton County Broadband Committee, the Piermont Broadband Committee is investigating funding and implementation resources. The current project design and implementation will take several years to complete in two phases. Phase 1 is the “Middle Mile Fiber Highway” where fiber optic cable is installed through a main corridor in each town. This first phase will supply all the equipment to connect the Town Office to the network. Phase 2 is known as the “Last Mile” where the cable is then actually hooked into each home and business in the town for those who want it.

Once completed, the high-speed system is expected to be connected to the University of New Hampshire’s network for municipal, school and county-wide public safety. For the “Last Mile” distribution an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will lease some of the cable and provide the content for distribution to homes, businesses, and other services and organizations.